There comes a point when you realize
who matters
who never did
who won't anymore
and who always will

So don't worry so much about people from the past.
There is a reason they didn't make it to your future.

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Christmas Video

This is my old bar regulars Mike and Terry, they have been together for over 20 years and are too fuckin' funny. Make sure you watch the whole video, about half way through it's worth it. None of this is scripted, they are like this all the time. Merry Christmas Everyone.

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so in the twist of irony that makes life truly cruel, they buried my friend on his birthday today.

sleep in peace Oak/Hickory/Tom - our time together was worth every second and the long talk we had in the road last year was one of the best i had at war - I'll never wear tin foil alien tentacles on my head and not think of you - the ride home in the van where you had a heart attack just hours later - riding down the hill of the ridge in your Fonzie bike to get the
'weed with no seeds', the kind that you would only go get when Beast asked if you would do it for Alex and you got right up without anymore jokes or questions... oh honey i miss you.

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fuck u

R.I.P. Oak

my amazing, crazy, often out of hand, kind, loving, protector and friend Oak (a.k.a. Hickory) died this morning at 12:30am on I-80 in a head on collision with a salt truck. crushed heart.
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